Joneth Tanen

An Older Teen Drawn to Trouble


When Sen Anoranfeh left the Boiling Bog earlier this year he had a new hanger-on in the form of Joneth. The lad had picked up quite a few tricks from someone within the Bog itself.

The kid speaks fast and mumbles, falling back on the slightly unhinged Bog Dialect frequently found amongst those people. He seems to know Trade, but is rather slow to use it himself.

Joneth lives on the grounds of Sen’s estate and only seems to leave the walls when looking to cause trouble. The thief has been spotted at a handful of bar-room brawls and is already persona non grata at Snore and Boars for breaking chairs.

If being such a thorn in the side of the city is a problem for Joneth or other members of the Great Adventure it isn’t public knowledge. The ‘Bog Boy’ walks around with a smirk on his face and none of his allies seem too keen on telling him off.

Joneth Tanen

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