Exotic T'Skrang Weaponsmith


The first few buildings of Ahtenko had barely been liberated before a mysterious t’skrang weaponsmith named Iyohiwin showed up, a few apprentices and a train of pack buffalo with a forge and vital goods in tow. She spoke with a strange accent unfamiliar to locals, but her foreignness was soon forgotten as her skills became invaluable in those first tenuous months. Silver was scarce in those days, and the understanding t’skrang generously – some may say cunningly – bartered or accepted favors for her services, quickly amassing a network of contacts in and out of the Jubilant Knives. She has since become a pillar of the community, all while increasing that network and establishing herself as a canny entrepreneur.

Iyohiwin’s crafts are easily recognizable for their intricate but practical ornamentation incorporating the Passions’ animal forms, something she calls an inspiration, and a reminder to all who use them to strive to be their best selves. This affectation often gets passed on to her apprentices, giving rise to a distinctive style of Ahtenko crafts. She maintains an open forge, allowing denizens of Ahtenko to stop in and listen to one of her many tales of Nemahay’s past and present, or the exploits of the Passions, told almost in a reverie as she focuses on her work. Many local children stop by for the informal lessons, occasionally giving her forge the appearance of a schoolhouse – albeit one full of tools, sharp objects and open flames. Her tales tend to be enthralling enough that no one acts up around them.

Despite this level of integration into the daily life of Ahtenko, Iyowihin remains a mystery. Many speculate she originally comes from beyond Nemahay, some even claiming she was once a Silver Trader. Certainly, her goods resemble nothing from the Numune family or the major cities in the land, and for all her tales, she never speaks of her own past.

Iyohiwin is picky about her apprentices, and insists they begin earning their keep, or even starting their own business ventures, as soon as they’re able. In doing so she expands her own network of contacts and business allies, while turning a hefty profit from finder’s fees and other contracts her apprentices take on. She scrupulously maintains neutrality in any factional disputes among the Knives, as it would not only be bad for business but not serve the interests of the community as a whole. Many would say she is tough, but fair, but a few of Ahtenko’s residents grumble that she always knows just what her help si worth, and one way or another, she always gets her due.


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