Heart's Sacrifice

A Coppery Suit of Fine Ringlets


Maximum Threads: 2
Mystic Defense: 14
Tier: Warden

At first, this suit is identical to Chainmail, though it only fits elves or very lean humans. Chainmail: PA 7, MA 0, Init – 3

First Key Knowledge Test: The Item’s Name
Thread Rank One: Base Initiative Penalty decreased from -3 to -1.

Thread Rank Two: Base Mystic Armor Bonus Increased from 0 to 1.

Second Key Knowledge Tests: Discover the Mythical Beast that Gave Its Blood to Forge the Armor
Thread Rank Three: ?

Thread Rank Four: ?

Third Key Knowledge: ?
Thread Rank Five: ?

Thread Rank Six: ?

Fourth Key Knowledge: ?
Thread Rank Seven: ?

Thread Rank Eight: ?


This mail was discovered on an elf skeleton in the Mushlite Caverns beneath the Shale Mounds. It appears that the elf had died in a cave-in a long time ago, either before or in the early days of the Age of Isolation.

Jonah Gripsley, a Scholar who trained with the Jubilant Knives, believes the mail to be on old suit worn by the Knights of Quinzell, an organization that operated in what is now the Desiccated Plains and operated as protectors for the people in the final days before the Age of Isolation. He believes more information about these knights can be discovered in a rare text ‘Of the Wanderings of Elves in the Early Days of the Age of Isolation’, a text that he believes is in Aya Siropese’s personal Library.

The text was loaned by Aya to Atsin’s Caravan Company and the book was handed over to Jonah so that he might continue his research.

Jonah’s research has borne fruit! The rare text ‘Of the Wanderings of Elves in the Early Days of Isolation’ did indeed have a healthy dose of information on the Knights of Quinzell. The author of the text, Nehas Uhlso, goes into quite a bit of detail on various groups of elves in the region leading up to the Age of Isolation. He recounts that a large number of elves arrived in in the ‘Silver Thrush Forest’ from the north. These migrating elves worked with the indigenous population to concoct a way to survive the oncoming age.

Amongst these immigrating elves were the Knights of Quinzell. It was said that each Knight, of which there were five, wore suits of glittering mail that made their countenance as to the dawn. These elves appeared to eschew their names, and instead only held titles. Perhaps then, he notes, that there were many of such elves, but each title only belonged to a station…but the old poems do not read in such a way. There was the Protector of the Earth, the Protector of the Sky, the Seeker of Stars, the Defender of the Lost, and the Hunter of the Damned.

The crypt of the Defender of the Lost was uncovered in one of the fallen segments of Kintani, after bringing together the records of the fallen Knight, Nehas generates a theory about the other Knights. He believes that the Protector of the Sky and the Seeker of Stars attempted to bring many of the Silver Thrush elves to Tir Tairngire before the province shifted plains. The Defender of the Lost sought to gather allies to defend the fleeing elves. And two of his allies held the position of rear guard, the Protector of the Earth and the Hunter of the Damned.

The Protector of the Earth bore coppery rings of steel known as ’Heart’s Sacrifice’ and carried an enormous tower shield known simply as ‘Embrace’. The Hunter of the Damned had silvered mail recalled as ’Matron’s Vengeance’ and was said to wield a sword and dagger referred to as ‘Quiver’ and ‘Wail’.

Aside from the Defender of the Lost, the fate of the individual Knights is not revealed in the text. Though it is clear that the author, Nehas, has further notes that were not included within. Perhaps the Kintani Historian knows more than what is written in these pages.

Heart's Sacrifice

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