Worldweary Horror Stalker


Hagadeh is, in all likelihood, the greatest hero you have never heard of. He lived in a small, remote village that had attempted to emulate the Learned City of Kintani. Unfortunately, his home met with disaster. For months Hagadeh struggled against the insurmountable Horrors alongside his kinsmen. He watched them suffer and die, or worse he saw them fall to the very corruption which they battled.

Hagadeh emerged from the Kaer a changed man. He walked alone for months in the lands of Nemahay. He battled beasts, spirits, and worse things that plagued the land in the days just after the Scourge. The sheer volume of Horrors that fell to his axe remain unknown. But who hasn’t heard a story of a beleaguered village that was saved in their darkest hour by an unidentified hero? It is my firm belief that each and every one of these stories is about Hagadeh, a man I am proud to call ‘friend’.

In more recent times, Hagadeh became closely affiliated with the Jubilant Knives. He was boots on the ground while the ruins of Tenko were cleared and, reportedly, was single handedly responsible for clearing the inner rings.

It took more than a little convincing, but Hagadeh eventually agreed to be a Pillar for this text. His knowledge of Horrors and combat will no doubt prove helpful to anyone who finds themselves venturing the dangerous roads of Nemahay.

  • ‘Single Handedly’? My, my, Hagedeh. We’re all so proud of you. – Basheel


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