Greng Ashiwi

A Quiet and Menacing Savage


Out of all the new adepts who work for Enlightened Materials, Greng is the most directly menacing. He is rarely involved directly with the day-to-day dealings of the business, instead spending much of his time as the head guard of the store. But more and more of his time has been spent in the company of Melison Othhald and he is clearly gearing up for adventure along with them.

His wheelhouse seems to be both speed and stealth and, according to rumor, he is a fearsome foe to encounter on the High Plains. Perhaps that is all in the past for him, as he has stayed within the walls of Ahtenko for nearly five years.

The menace people feel in the presence of Greng goes against most of the tails about the Ashiwi tribe, which seems to have spawned the rumors that he was cast out from the rest of his people. Any direct questions to him about this, however, are likely to get you punched in the throat. Bringing up his relationship with the Ashiwi people seems to trigger his gahad, and isn’t recommended unless the ork is already deep into his cups.

Greng Ashiwi

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