Enlightened Armadon Elementalist


Everybody knows that the Armadon are fearsome and brutal warriors. Many speculate that through their blood runs the taint of Horrors. What most fail to realize is that beyond their tough exteriors (excuse the pun!) there are gentle souls and diverse societies. Of the Armadon that have emerged from the Desiccated Plains, perhaps none is more famous than Gehodzi.

A long time ally and citizen of the Kintani, Gehodzi has been referred to alternately as ‘the Redeemer’, ‘the Learned’, and ‘Friend to Children’. He is a quiet and brooding creature, but time and again he has aided Namegivers across Nemahay, requesting little in return. He is considered one of the foremost minds on Elementalism. While he may not enjoy giving speeches on the topic, he has written numerous papers that are required reading even here in Vasheen

It is with great joy, then, that I can include Gehodzi as a strong Pillar in this document. His knowledge of magics, the eastern regions of Nemahay, and the threats that abound within it are unparalleled.

Gehodzi Vignette


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