Garin Fihatl

Lucky Frontier Leader


Garin came out of nowhere ten years ago. He scratched out a living ruling the village of Drumhead for years until Ahtenko was founded. With the founding of the city, the farming village saw a boom in demand and became fairly affluent.

Garin kept control of the town and created a large structure along with several outbuildings. His tavern is named ‘Drumhead’ as well, though many simply refer to it as ’Garin’s’ to avoid confusion.

Five years ago he married a human woman from out of town named Greta. Since then they have had three children.

Many have theorized on Garin’s passed, his last name seems to indicate he is from Aztlan. Some speculate that he must have had an in with the Jubilant Knives to start building when he did. When asked directly Garin simply smiles and shrugs, claiming that everyone can get lucky now and again and claiming that a man’s past does not have bearing on their future.


Garin Fihatl

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