Fewe Otowewitof

Dour Soldier Preparing for the Worst


When the Jubilant Knives returned from their foray into the Desiccated Plains they had Fewe in tow. This was over a decade ago and the Armadon has been a stalwart combatant of the forces of evil since then.

He spent much of his time wandering Nemahay in smaller groups and battling foes as they arose, he even traveled for a time in the company of Hagadeh and together they slew a variety of Horrors that would have sought to prey upon villages.

Fewe was not present during the initial push into Ahtenko, but arrived near the end of the first year to provide stability and anchor the town’s new infrastructure. He has grown increasingly concerned about other Namegivers in the area and spearheads the wall rebuilding project.

When asked about his concerns he tends towards vague non-answers. If cornered on the topic he raises concerns about the nearby High Plains Tribes, but it is the northern walls he patrols diligently. Could it be simply that this is the most damaged portion? Or is he keeping his eyes open for a very specific threat?

Fewe Otowewitof

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