En'kik Maricaash

A Charming Salesman and Deadly Bowman


En’kik has been working with Enlightened Materials for just over a year. He was originally hired fresh of the boat by Tellion Othhald and was dispatched as a caravan guard to Ahtenko immediately.

Melison Othhald and En’kik seemed to have a very interesting relationship. They are frequently seen in one another’s company in their off-hours, but almost always appear to be bickering and unhappy. But who can tell with Namegivers these days.

En’kik is a lesser son of lesser sons from a Maricaash tribute village. He had no interest in getting involved in slaving or drug running, so it was quickly made clear to him that he should leave town.

He plays down his family name, rarely volunteering it, but he never denies the relationship when it comes up. He claims that he hasn’t had dealings with any of the Families since his arrival in Ahtenko, but the association can be enough to sour a trade. En’kik is an incorrigible flirt, but he rarely backs up his bluster. He has been seen in the company of a variety of woman from just about any race, whether he is merely friendly with them remains to be seen.

En'kik Maricaash

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