Timid and Scarred Smith's Apprentice


A boy of 12, this Armadon is just below the age of maturity. Out of desperation, he was sent alone to meet with Great Adventure at the Night’s Call. While there, a fight broke out and he was nabbed by a psychotic ex-mercenary named Mikhail Sato.

He was rescued just in the nick of time by Atsin’s Adepts, though he had grave injuries. The left side of his face was badly mangled. Even with the aid of competent physicians, he lost his right ear (a significant loss for an armadon) and the vision in his right eye. The right side of his face is a crisscross of scraggly and rough cuts that will take long to heal and will likely mark him for the rest of his life.

Since the attack, Elsin has proven to be a timid, but industrious boy. He frequently accompanies Hei and Mai to Snore and Boars and on other exploratory missions, though he never takes the lead and is clearly uncomfortable if he is more than an arms length from his allies.


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