High-Plains Orc


The Orks of the High Plains are a proud people. They have a nomadic lifestyle and generally maintain a hunter-gatherer society. They follow Stygian around the region and generally meet foreigners with grace and open arms. However, as is depressingly becoming more frequent, these true people of the High Plains are being replaced by ruthless Namegivers who seek to make a profit preying on the growing trade business that criss-crosses Nemahay.

The woman known simply as ‘Dzho’ stands as a stark reminder of the damage these highwaymen can do. Her tribe was slaughtered when she was just beginning to enter maturity. And she was forced to live in thrall with the very people who did the slaying. After a few years of truly difficult living, she managed to escape with her one family member that remained, a Granlain named Ohz. Together the two of them raced ahead of the pack of brigands, warning the local tribes of the threat in their midst. Under her guidance, a group came together and stomped out these vile excuses for Namegivers.

Today, Dzho works almost exclusively as a guard for groups looking to travel through the High Plains. She leads a group known as the ‘Drifters’ and is one of the most renowned Outrider trainers in all of Nemahay. Despite all this fame, she is remarkably humble, easily approachable by both potential initiates and those just looking for a good drink, and most probably a good brawl.

It is my hope that Dzho will be able to enlighten us with her knowledge of the High Plains, and perhaps put her vast experience as a mentor to good use and ensure that this guide is suitable to Initiates and Wardens alike.


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