Dewott Roostoh

Supply-Line Wrangler and Local Buddy-Buddy


When Dewott came to the Knives requesting assistance in the Cacoatl Jungle, a region in the south of Nemahay forming the border with Aztlan, he looked and acted every bit the savage one would expect. He barely spoke the Vasheeni tongue and he wore rags that would make a modest human blush.

However, over the course of the Knives campaign against Aztlan, the Yaguarete discovered and grew into what we in Nemahay would classify as ‘culture’. Dewott served as an emissary between his people and the groups of guerrilla fighters during the skirmishes.

Once tensions to the south eased, Dewott moved his clan to north and sought out wealthy and powerful allies in Nemahay proper. And, while he wasn’t involved directly in the securing of Ahtenko, his backroom deals saw the stream of reinforcements to the town and ensured that the initial push was successful.

Today, Dewott has been the primary drive in creating the caravan bounty and hopes to see permanent routes between Ahtenko and the rest of Nemahay flourish. Many are surprised that he is not leading a caravan himself, but Dewott says that he will be far too busy the next few years keeping an eye on the homefront.

Indeed, the young Yaguarete seems to have found love in the unlikely arms of an elf woman and they have adopted a number of youths whose parents have died in conflict. That would be enough to keep any Namegiver’s hands full.

Dewott Roostoh

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