Danen Rofi

Hot-blooded Human


Danen can be easily picked out from a crowd by his bright red hair. Even his voice is quite unusual as he speaks with the unmistakable drawl of the Bog people. While the human always stands out, he doesn’t seem to be one for the spotlight.

Danen rarely talks about his past, but it is clear he originally grew up in the Boiling Bog and even made a home for himself in Hadeet for a time. When he was still in his early twenties, Danen was hired as a scout by a band of adventurers and he has been an explorer ever since.

Tales abound of his adventures on the rivers, his work with the Indechu family, and his impressive mastery of both Water and Earth. Danen fell in with the Knives during an expedition out in the Desiccated Plains and has been an invaluable resource ever since.

Danen was involved in all the major battles in the early days of Ahtenko and makes his home within the rebuilt central sections of town. He is intimately involved in the day-to-day business there, though his brash action makes him less than ideal for political maneuverings.

If you are looking to collect a bounty related to the Edge and headhunting, Danen is probably your man.

Danen Rofi

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