Cinull Nantlah

Talkative Barkeep


Cinull is a member of the prominent Nantlah family. The family itself fell from grace seven years ago when the town was attached by Gnashers. Cinull himself tends not to identify greatly with his xenophobic family and instead has chosen to go his own way.

Three years ago, Cinull began his inn ‘Cliffside’. As the name implies, it is a three story building that was built into the edge of the quarry hundreds of years ago. Patrons climb a set of stairs and arrive on the second story which serves as the bar. The basement serves a storeroom which, in recent months, has begun acquiring oddities left by adventurers who could not pay their bill in silver. The top floor has a half a dozen double rooms that can be rented out at reasonable rates.

Cinull is very proud of his town, and will broker no unkind words towards it. Unlike many professional barkeeps, Cinull is not the best listening ear, instead preferring to share the gossip around town. Listening to Cinull’s stories can remind travelers that even small towns can see quite a bit of change over the years.


Cinull Nantlah

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