Beal Dohto

Yaguarete Warrior


The Yaguarete are certainly not known for their scholarly pursuits. Indeed, the true number of them that scratch out a brutal and primitive existence in the Cacoatl Jungle: A region in the south of Nemahay forming the border with Aztlan. Most Yaguarete from the region call the Cacoatl home. remains unknown. Beal however, is something of a contradiction to this norm. He is gruff and passionate, like many of his kind, but has both honor and drive that seems sorely lacking from his kin.

I have learned from him that he came from deep within the Cacoatl, from the tribe of Dohto. He left after a series of disasters brought the tribe’s survival into question. Not much older than a cub, he traveled North. Eventually he reached a river where he was picked up by members of the Numune Family. He earned his way there as a dock worker and caravan guard. Eventually earning enough to afford his own equipment. From that point on he became an independent adventurer, meeting whatever challenges caught his fancy with nothing but his wits and his plethora of throwing daggers.

I managed to catch Beal while he was making a rare stop at the watering holes of Vasheen. In exchange for his room and board he has agreed to add notes where he can. It is my intent to use Beal as an excellent reference for the wilds of our land as well as give us some insight as to how outsiders could live amongst the families.


Beal Dohto

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