Tir Ex-Patriot


Basheel keeps his past shrouded in mystery. Thus you can understand my shock when he agreed to become a ‘Pillar’ on this immense tome. It is known that Basheel was, at one point, a scholar in Tir Tairngire and it is believed that he encountered their…unique…fate during the Scourge first-hand. For reasons known to none but himself, he left the Tir behind him and headed South into the lands of Nemahay.

Perhaps it is the broad brush with which we paint all members of the Tir, but Basheel has a reputation for being haughty, proud, stand-offish, and more than a little unsettling. The path he follows, that of the Nethermancer, no doubt exacerbates this reputation. Regardless, he claims to have never involved himself with a Group Pattern, and instead prefers to rely on his own wits and strength.

His knowledge of Tir Tairngire, the planes, and horrors will be consulted so as to improve this work.


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