Balance Bonds

Silvery-Green Bracers Etched with Runes


Maximum Threads: 2
Mystic Defense: 10
Tier: Novice

First Key Knowledge Test: The Item’s Name
Thread Rank One: The Owner Gains +1 Social Defense

Thread Rank Two: The Owner Gains +1 to Interaction Tests.

Second Key Knowledge Test: Learn the Origin of the True Element Used in Forging
Thread Rank Three: The Owner May Spend Karma on Interaction Tests

Thread Rank Four: The Owner Gains +2 Social Defense


The Brace faction of the Jubilant Knives created these bracers to further their goals of peace and unity. The bracers were worn by the famed Swordmaster Tetchia Wanul before being offered as a reward during the Shadow Games.

It was purchased by the Silver Linings Trading Company in exchange for a Foundation Stone from Old Tenko. As the Bazaar wound down, Dewott Roostoh approached the group and congratulated them on their ‘fine purchase’.

He explained that Tetchia likely had no need for the bracers, and they should go to a new home. He informed the group that the bracers were known as ‘Balance Bonds’ and they were forged by the unlikely duo of an yaguarete Elementalist and a Keresan Weaponsmith out of Timbertown. The wearer of the bonds should find themselves more skilled in social situations.

The duo in Timbertown revealed that the Bonds had been created last year using true water from the Knot, the exact place where the West and East Braid met, just outside of Alnadotzli.

Balance Bonds

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