Aya Siropese

Mysterious Supporter of Spelunking


Aya’s past is shrouded in mystery. But it is clear that her time with the Jubilant Knives is rather brief, especially for members of her species.

Aya came out of seemingly nowhere jut before the plan to retake Ahtenko really took shape and she lead the charge, taking groups of adepts on deep strikes within the city and, in general, proved an invaluable resource. Many of her mercenaries met grisly fates, but it was to be expected. She took the hardest jobs and she got results.

Since the initial reclaiming, she has set up shop full time near the center of town. She consistently places bounties on various underground sections of Ahtenko, and more than a few Namegivers have lost their lives trying for a big pay day. She seems unmoved by these losses, however, and simply increases the bounty with each confirmed death.

Whispers say she is looking for something down there, but exactly what it is remains a mystery. Still, she will pay top dollar to anyone who brings their finds to her before anyone else. While she may not be the most compassionate patron, he purse overflows and her money spends well.

Aya Siropese

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