Ancur Uemet

Stoic Yaguarete Muscle


Ancur’s fur is quite short and, at first glance, appears to be a deep black hue. When the sun strikes it correctly, however, it can be seen for the rich brown it really is. Coupled with his striking jade eyes and his nearly seven foot height and the Yaguarete man cuts a very distinct figure.

He was hired to the Enlighted Materials by Melison Othhald a few years ago as a burly teen. Originally he was hired as a simple guard and bouncer for the weapons store, but it quickly became apparent that Ancur was qualified for more.

Ancur discovered he was an adept and began training with others of his kind, eventually becoming a Novice in the Discipline of Warrior. This obviously has done nothing to diminish the lad’s already intimidating physique.

With his training complete, and the Othhald’s on the look out for new business opportunities, Ancur was mad a full-fledged member of the burgeoning business.

The Yaguerete rarely speaks, and when he does it is in a gruff and raspy voice that you cannot help but pay attention to. What the Namegiver did before arriving in Ahtenko is something of a mystery, but whatever it was it made him a tough nut to crack.

Ancur Uemet

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