Aztlan 'Freed Man'


Ahnanai is an Aztlaner Human who spent the majority of his life as a Slave in their capital of Tenochtitlan. Ahnanai keeps the details of who he served a closely guarded secret, claiming that what is in the past should remain in the past. He does however speak vocally, and at great length, about the heroics which earned his freedom. During an evening of the seasonal blood sport, horrors were drawn by the fervor within the stadium. Packs of gnashers and other terrors worked their way through the crowds. Ahnanai took up arms to defend the life of his master and was one of the few to make it out of the stadium unscathed.

After being given the title of ‘Freed Man’ he quickly journeyed North to escape the oppressive yoke of the Aztlaners. He was one of the first to pioneer trade routes along the Broken Coast, and he is generally regarded as being one of the most traveled of adventurers still alive today. Some consider him a pirate and a brigand, others a trail-blazer. Still others claim that he serves his Aztlan masters in secret and is only here to pave the way for their eventual invasion. Obviously we at the Grand Library lend no credence to the accusations of espionage and treason.

He has generously agreed to be one of the so called ‘Pillars’ of this collection. No doubt his knowledge of port cities, distant lands, and Aztlan society will prove of great value to this work.


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