Nemahay: The Ravaged Land

Trouble By The Bubble


Day Zero
Arrived in town, got a room at the Safeharbor. Met Vix and Zerth, sent a runner to Uhran. Investigated the East-West. Gave armors to Vix for forging.

Day One
Sold goods to the market.
Evening: Now

Day Two
Morning: attack ew
Jeanine chasing sherman hard to find
Iktomi beat to shit by thugs
Lokan and dave in the street
Tywon and Tala fighting Lieutenants

Day Three

Day Four

Day Five
Afternoon: Appointment with Uhran at the Safeharbor.

Day Six
The Dauntless may leave Shinumetu as early as this day.
Vix returns Lokan’s Chainmail and Heart’s Sacrifice (test to see progress).


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