Nemahay: The Ravaged Land

A Journey Begins

Leaving Home

From the Memoirs of Gen

After two weeks with my mentor, Ahwin, I was ready to join the ranks of others and—- relatively socially capable individuals. He might be a good salesman but he does not revel in teaching. At least there was Trauma, I could always get that chap to smile even if he wasn’t much of a conversationalist. It was a productive two weeks, 3rd circle is a quite the milestone for an adept. I find it quite satisfying the other caravan members are all keeping pace. Funny how that works out; I must have truly found my peers. Sometimes coincidences make me wonder if I’m just living in a grand illusion fabricated by an ancient of my discipline and I’m a lowly character in an adventure. I surely can’t prove I am not. Then again among the billions of persons in history, these types of events are bound to happen to someone, right?

The Silver Linings are no longer some meek operation. We procured a second caravan and hired 3 employees: Tukko the boorish, dwarf market analyst, Liwan the young human and hopeful fighter, and Kahlin the dour, ork teamster. I’ll be sure to put them to good use on the travels. I believe their overhead will be easily recuperated. If I’m wrong I have a suspicion my colleagues will squarely place any lost profits on my shoulders. The rest of the team seemed more threatening, cratfy, and resourceful in general from the circle training.

The group set out on the slow and safe path. With an efficient use of our abilities and the new employees, I think we can bring quite a bit of value to the villages we cross as well as our pockets. Beyond the sale and purchase of goods, the Silver Linings has other opportunities to profit. The first is to deliver justice to one Hiarc Bonesetter, a slaver from Alnadotzli who has been terrorizing Timbertown. I will not get in the way of Dave arrow of Tala’s steel when it comes to this pathetic excuse for a dwarf. The second is to kill and salvage the eyes from a Braid Hydra; sometimes I think our group missed the calling of being monster hunters but the chance to make a little silver from the endeavor comes up often enough to develop a journeyman’s skill for occupation. The last is to retrieve a magical anvil from the two thieves, Bide and Connie Longshank. This item is likely on route to Vasheen or Kintani. Lokan should be quite useful with this quest being a theif with questionable connections.

Our first stop was Iktomi’s home village of Tseni where we have already established ties. Like most villages, the Inn was the social square of the village and the Tumblin’ Weeds sure knows how to work a drinking hole. While there, Iktomi had found out the Great Adventure had already come and gone. The Tumblin Weeds performed a ballad ode to Kzizh and were quickly invited to his company. Kzizh mentioned he had wind of the illegal quarry operation that Phaius’s, the blood elf, had underway. If we were to bring the criminal to justice Kzizh would consider opening up the quarry under legitimate means. This means good things for business.

Previously we had traded Phaius and were unsure what to do about this elf. With Kzizh’s accusations and Phaius casually suggesting using slave labor, it was agreed this elf must be proven guilty and brought to the justice of Tseni. Anyway, we should continue doing right by this town, there is a hefty bounty if it could be brought into the Ahtenko fold. We feigned support of the quarry in order to suss out the location of the quarry. Between meetings with Phauis, Dave was able to lift a few incriminating letters from Phaius’ residence. The information shall help Kzizh in his formal trial of the elf.

Before Phaius would show us the operation but before the tour he wanted us to handle some despairthoughts. Not a problem, like I mentioned before the rest of the lot are quite interested and very capable in physically stopping threats. The Despairthoughts were annoying but ultimately easily handled. The use of illusion was the extent of their abilities and outside the hands of a master and without anything to back it up illusion is hardly a match for steel and force, take it from an illusionist.

We met again with Phaius and he was pleased with our despairthought trophies. He took us to the quarry where a magical soundproof curtain concealed the labor camp. We got a good look and noticed quite a few guards which could easily complicate a raid. We agreed on providing more equipment and a trade for what Phaius had at hand. Unbeknownst to him, Phaius would be walking into a trap upon delivery. The Silver Linings would be taking a prisoner—- or so we had planned.

Today, Lokan’s loosed arrow was quicker than Phaius’ realization of betrayal. Unfortunately for Phaius the destinations were one in the same and equally penetrating. Within the strike of lighting, Phaius was merely a corpse with a hole in its head. The guards’ disposition to confront us was lost quite quickly as well.

I didn’t feel Kzizh would be too upset about a dead Phaius since that was likely his plan to begin with but it was best to use caution. Iktomi was very forthcoming in the story which often times is the best policy. I would have left a few details out knowing Kzizh, but no harm no foul. Kzizh will be following through on his promise of opening the quarry and in the meantime, we got some stone at a five finger discount.

Our last and possibly least pleasant stop was to visit old Uncle Manaloh. He had a couple commissions ready for us. Previously he was directed the sculptures shouldn’t depict Kzizh losing an arm and such was delivered. Instead, Kzizh’s statue was moments after the removal of his arm with quite detailed gore and viscera. Accompanying was a statue with a coyote eating the remains. It made for quite the disturbing and gut wrenching sight. Manaloh did prepare some more acceptable pieces and through some discussion we had traded an of our grotesque sculptures already under our possession. We left him with a challenged to sculpt an abstract depicting love. I’m excited to see how I can be thoroughly disturbed by that.

With the Great Adventure already ahead, we had some ground to cover. Next stop is Timbertown where we hear grim circumstances await.


The party receive 200 lps each for:

  • Siding with Phaius or Kzizh ans assisting them in establishing control.
  • Defeating the Despairthoughts
  • Defeating the guards
  • Discovering and analyzing the mural.

So that is 800 lps each. Gen (Cory) receives +300 lps for writing up this solid adventure log.

A Journey Begins
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